What is the Healthy Allegheny Challenge?

The Healthy Allegheny Challenge is a public competition being conducted with the support of the Henry L. Hillman Foundation. The competition focuses on identifying solutions that improve the health of communities in Allegheny County. The competition asks organizations that meet the eligibility criteria to form a team with at least one other organization and to jointly propose a solution that furthers the goals and objectives of the Plan for a Healthier Allegheny

Who can participate?

Only 501(c)(3) organizations based in the United States or its territories may apply. Eligible organizations must form a partnership with at least one other organization. Partner organizations may include other certified 501(c)(3)s, grassroots community organizations, volunteer groups, government agencies, school districts, or other public partners, and/or any private sector entities. Projects must be proposed for a sub-geography within Allegheny County, with a focus on underserved communities. Countywide proposals will not be considered for funding. Therefore, each partnership must include strong relationships with government and other community leadership where the work is proposed. For example, if your team is proposing to implement a project in multiple locations, then your team should include partnerships with relevant municipal or neighborhood leaders in each place where you are proposing to implement your project. With these instructions in mind, name each partner. Limit your description to an explanation of the relationship between the parties. Later, you will describe how the partnership is well-positioned to deliver the solution as an integrated team, but this is your opportunity to describe the number, type, and arrangement between the partners. Every team must consist of a minimum of two organizations.

Refer to the Rules for a complete set of eligibility requirements.

How do we apply?

You must first register no later than Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 5:00 PM Eastern. Registration is a simple two-step process. First, create a username and password and then check your inbox to confirm your registration. Next, complete the online registration form. Once you are registered, submit your application no later than Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at 5:00 PM Eastern. 

How will submissions be assessed?

During the Evaluation Panel review, each valid application will receive scores and comments from a highly qualified panel of expert judges who will use a trait-scoring rubric to assess their assigned submissions. All scores are normalized to ensure a Level Playing Field for everyone. Informed by the rank order of submissions as determined by the Evaluation Panel, the Henry L. Hillman Foundation will determine the Winner of the $1.5M award.

What can my organization win?

A single award of a $1.5M grant will be made to the Winner. The funds must be used to implement the winning proposal over a period of no less than two and no more than three years

Can we submit more than one application?

Organizations are permitted to submit just one application. This includes universities. Organizations are permitted to partner on multiple applications, but prefer that organizations submit their strongest proposal.

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