Trait Scoring Rubric

Judges will use these traits to score valid applications. Scores will be normalized for fairness.

Is the proposed project big and bold enough to warrant investment? Will the proposed plan lead to long-term solutions to public health issues in your proposed communities?

Claims of measurable success are critical to the selected problem; includes clear outcomes that inspire confidence in specific and effective results; return on investment is commensurate with the level of effort.

Does the solution reflect the goals of the Plan for a Healthy Allegheny (PHA) and address the specific needs of those who will receive services? Has the team taken the time to understand local conditions in Allegheny County and the selected sub-geographies? Will the team collect and utilize input from the people it aims to serve and other stakeholders?

The solution builds upon the PHA framework; the team is aware and focused on the many interrelated parties required to succeed; local support is confirmed and sufficient.

Does the team have the skills, capacity, and experience to deliver the proposed solution? Do the budget and plan align with a realistic understanding of the costs and tasks to implement the proposed solution? Is the projected impact satisfactory and evidence-based?

Proposes a competent, qualified team with clear strengths; presents a realistic budget and plan with sufficient attention to detail; projected impact is reasonable and likely.

Does the approach strengthen a more just and fair public health system for Allegheny County? Will the team deliver a solution that supports those whose health needs are currently unmet or insufficiently addressed? Are issues of disparity or lack of access identified through a clear and compelling theory of change?

Goals include strong indicators of addressing equity; the team is informed and dedicated to solving unmet needs; the strategy clearly articulates a plan to level the playing field.

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